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(#2603) Keith L (Fayetteville, NC)
1/30/1996 in Laughlin, NV  EVENT: Laughlin River Round-Up  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 22 years since 5/13/1973, at the event with his wife Julie.

They had been married a little over two years at the time.

Great piece about the progression of the disease.

"I went to the NCO Club and ordered a martini.
'How much is that?'

Well, it's 35 cents and your Marine Corps career.'
I said, 'Well that's not too much', so I paid it.
And then one day I went into a place and said,
'How about a fifth of that Scotch over there?

What do I owe you?',
'Well, it's $6 and your marriage',
'Well, doesn't seem unreasonable to me..."

I consider Keith one of my mentors though I never met him.

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