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(#2604) Keith L - Burnout (Fayetteville, NC)
1985 in Unknown Location  EVENT: Unknown Event  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Story


Sober 12 years since 5/13/1973, Keith is speaking to an audience with many fellow treatment professionals.

This tells a side of Keith's story that I have never heard before.

He shares about going to alcoholism treatment in Denton TX at 6 years sober suffering from alcoholism and burn out five years before this talk.

"I felt like I was forced out on a balcony with no clothes on screaming out to the world, 'This is all there is!'"

The topic is unique and very informative for any two hatters - AA members working in the treatment field.

He asks two friends to share for five minutes each their memories of Keith during his Burnout:

Bob B (AA)

Nick (AA)

NOTE: In a cassette set with the recording of Keith in Laughlin, NV 1/30/1996 labeled as Burnout but is probably not from that time.
Tape quality is good overall, the content is unique and worthy.

(58 min) (10.1 MB) (id#2604)