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(#971) Keith D (Yorba Linda, CA)
10/9/1993 in Manhattan Beach, CA  EVENT: Sanctuary Meeting  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 17 years since 5/11/1976 and married to Sue D (AFG), Keith and Sue had a near legendary relationship of alcoholic insanity.

He used to regularly "fake" blowing his brains out in fromt of the family with a shotgun until Sue slipped a live shell in the barrel. Keith lost his hearing on one side of his head for a time.

Keith is a stong speaker who has spoken all over the country and beyond.

His talk is preceded by a 10 minute talk by Tony C with 19 years.

The format of the meeting was a 10 minute speaker followed by a break, readings and reports followed by a 40 minute speaker.

The full meeting is available in the BURN format. Use the PLAY button to hear just the two speakers.

(1 hr 6 min) (15.2 MB) (id#971)