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(#327) Keith L (Carolina Beach, NC`)
Nov 1993 in Clarkston, GA  EVENT: Clarkston 12 Steps Group 18th Anniversary  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

The earliest talk in the collection by Keith L, this talk is delightful. Keith got sober May 13, 1973 when a woman's voice told him not to kill himself. He left the shared bathroom in the basement of a Skid Row apartment in Washington D.C. and called the number his estranged wife had given him for a treatment center. He was told he could enter treatment in three days. He had a bottle of Scotch left but could not pour it out. It dropped out of his hand and broke in the sink. He has not had a drink since. In later years his mind was slipping away but he went to Mass every day praying for a long list of people. Keith Lewis, surrounded by friends and family, died sober and deeply loved November 15, 2007 .

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