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(#336) Kay S (Kingston, ON)
8/7/1996 in Ft. Mitchell, KY  EVENT: 2nd Annual Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story, Historical

Kay got sober since June 7, 1953. She spends much of her time talking about sobriety. Late in life she followed a dream - she trained to be a clown! Now she wears her costume for sick and recovering kids.She says she does not have anything new to tell you but she does have a delightful way of delivering an old message. She drank for 10 years fully qualified and has been sober 4 times as long as she drank. Her father was an alcoholic but well to do. She found a Big Book in his library after he died. She started drinking during WWII as a nurse at age 21 and married a troubled airman.

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