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(#2226) Katie P (Austin, TX)
1/27/2018 in Hilton Head, SC  EVENT: 2018 Hilton Head Mid-Winter Conference  TYPE: AA, Female, Workshop

WORKSHOP: Half Measures

Sober 33 years since 10/28/1984 at age 26, Katie is married to Charlie P who spoke later the same day at this event.

Charlie is her second husband in AA. Her first went out after 20 years and died of a heroin overdose.

She is very passionate about being behind the microphone and in love with everything about AA.

"My husband says I'm alot like taking a drink out of a fire hose."

"This whole thing is about every moment of your life the undeniable Hand of God is in every moment of your life."

Her home group is a Big Book Study with 250 members.

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