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(#544) Kathy S (Woodstock, GA)
6/29/2014 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: PPG 3rd Legacy Quarterly Oldtimer Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

One week shy of 37 years sober at the time of this talk, Kathy weaves a delightful tale of a party-girl who eventually wound up well-to-do, looking good on the outside but drinking in isolation at home on the weekends. She came into AA in the Los Angeles area, later moved to Boston and then Atlanta. She shares the different forms AA takes in those areas and what is wonderful about each. She also shares about the tough times using the language of the heart and a few tears that is also the language of hope. Thank you Kathy for sharing your strength.

(47 min) (16.4 MB) (id#544)