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(#1257) Kathryn C (Cumming, GA)
7/18/2009 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 34th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Living with the effects of

"Thanks to this program I don't have to plot murder, suicide or revenge anymore...I now have compassion and love for those people in my family that suffer from a disease called alcoholism and that is for people that have the actual physical allergy as well as living with the effects of."

Katheryn grew up in the disease, married into it, divorced and then married into it again.

"Incest is a part of my past." The attitude, "Hurry up and get this over and tomorrow it will be different", carried over into other relationships including her abusive marriages.

She has a daughter from her first marriage. Divorced, they used her as a weapon against each other. She and her daughter left town, did not tell him where and they began living underground. Her husband found their daughter and kidnaped her from school - the police did not enforce that at the time. Katheryn let him keep her.

One night she snapped and attempted to kill her second husband but there were no bullets in the gun.

He went to jail, they are still married, Bob is sober in AA and Kathyrn found a program that changed her definition of "normal".

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