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(#569) Kathleen W (Studio City, CA)
7/5/2014 in Nashville, CA  EVENT: 34th Music City Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

A delightful strong talk from a a Santa Barbara, CA native who grew up in the beach culture. Her siblings were tall and tan. She was pale with freckles. She began to add tools to her bag of tricks to try to feel better about herself -singing, acting, song writing. Surrounded by friends, she still felt not good enough. Alcohol worked for her at first. Later, she would lose acting jobs with a reputation as a loose cannon. Her agent told her that she needed to do something or he would fire her. She called the Central Office in LA, came to her first meeting ashamed...but she had let the secret out of the bag. She wanted the fellowship but not the steps. She wanted to take the heat off so later she could drink. Her sponsor said great..just do the steps.

(54 min) (12.4 MB) (id#569)