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(#2654) Katherine C (Cumming, GA)
in   EVENT: 20th West Georgia Gratitude Weekend  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female,

In Al-Anon since one Memorial Day, living in a violent relationship, moving again, with him in a black out she found herself willing to pull the trigger on a gun that was unloaded this time. Her husband was arrested that night for trying to burn down their new home.

They both had a wakeup call that night.

A child of incest she explains what the disease looks like in a family member.

She grew up in Miami. Her first husband was a musician and that meant, she supported him and later his family.

That marriage she was able to walk away from. The second one, she was not.

She was always dependent on her husbands for transportation.

Her sponsor had to show her how to put gas in her car.

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