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(#2271) Karen R (Las Vegas, NV)
2006 in Las Vegas, NV  EVENT: Gratitude Banquet  TYPE: AA, Female, Story, Author

Author: Crossing the River of Denial

Sober some 15 years since around 1991, Karen's story appears in the 4th edition p. 328 titled "Crossing the River of Denial"

She moved to Las Vegas around 1999.

She got sober in San Francisco.

Arrested 5 times for alcohol and drugs, once she was thrown out of the Plaza Hotel in New York for peeing in the lobby.

She watched her dad die from alcoholism while she was still actively drinking. She sent the body home for her grandmother to bury her only son alone because Karen was at a party.

She moved to California in 1990 after dumping her alcoholic husband in Florida.

There after nine months she got her fifth DUI and even waited for the police to show up.

She was sentenced to AA.

After 5 months of drinking and going to meetings she could no longer deny AA worked.

She got sober after Super Bowl where she realized she had lost the ability to control her drinking. Then at a Hockey Game where, after two big cups of beer did nothing for her, she heard a voice say , "So why bother?"

This was about control or enjoy but never control AND enjoy.

The next day:

"I knew to my toes that was alcoholic and I asked God to please help me."

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