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(#2132) Karen M (Pittsburgh, PA)
10/19/1991 in Hinton, WV  EVENT: 25th Bluestone Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

In Al-Anon 16+ years, she came for a long time to AA with her husband to the point they knew her better than him.

He got sober shortly after she came into Al-Anon.

Funny and lively.

She grew up in a normal family of drinkers that looked like alcoholics to her but none of them were.

Her dad changed jobs and locations frequently because of his drinking. She was constantly having to adjust to new situations but remained happy.

Her mom was one mean little woman who would hit if provoked.

Her grandmother was always in control and became her role model.

She married a catholic and had six kids.

Her husband, Elmer, was diagnosed alcoholic at age 29. For the next 11 years the game was on to prove or disprove the diagnosis.

He would bring strange people home in the wee hours and she would cook for them. She did not want to look non-supportive.

"I got real good at playing games."

She took the distributor cap off the car and he would call a cab.

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