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(#2540) Karen K (Acworth, GA)
7/6/2019 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 1 day short of 8 years since 7/7/2011, addict, alcoholic and gambler, it was alcohol that did her in.

She grew up in a family of nine in a house with two bedrooms and one bath. Very few fights. "We loved each other."

From the beginning she always drank to get drunk - not very often - just on weekends.

Later there were times when she would have a half a glass of wine and be fine with it. But not in the end.

She started in engineering school but switched to pharmacy college where she married a fellow student.

Later they moved from their home state of Massachusetts, to Las Vegas where they eventually had four children Karen adores.

But it was there, far away from family, Karen discovered gambling and then prescription drugs.

She was brought to her knees by a tragic incident and the loss of her marriage and her kids, all fueled by three powerful addictions.

Her dad's last words to her were,

"Find God again and everything will be OK."

She took it to heart.

After one more relapse, she moved in with her brother in Georgia and was led to Celebrate Recovery.

There she felt God's Love for the first time in 25 years.

At two months sober, she decided to try to get her pharmacy license back.

Her Pharmacy Advocate insisted she also do AA.

Her story from there, of walking through fear, from a life of lies to one of rigorous honesty, obedience and faith, is moving and touching, liberally sprinkled with magic.

She gives credit to her companion and soul mate, Corey C, for helping her along in her journey to recovery.

He told his story the month before at the same group.

Corey C at Woodstock, GA 2019

(42 min) (7.3 MB) (id#2540)