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(#2209) Karen B (Woodsock, GA)
6/2/2018 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober over a year since 10/9/2016, born in California and raised in Columbia, SC, Karen barely knew her father.

She was raised in a happy church going family by her mother and grandmother.

Drinking did not enter her life until college where she pursued sports.

She played on national championship teams, became an assistant college basketball coach then an athletic director.

She was always a hard worker while she sowed her wild seeds.

She moved to Atlanta as General Manager and Coach of a women's professional basketball team. There was very little money in women's sports.

She left sports and went into the building supply business for the next 30 years working her way up as the first woman to reach several levels in that industry.

She became very successful only to lose it all during the building down turns.

She started her own company only to drink it into the ground.

Finally, in the hospital, yellow in color, Karen asked God for help.

She came into AA and, in her short time, has embraced this design for living while working five jobs.

Great story. Thank you Karen.

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