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(#275) Karen G (Venice, CA)
3/26/2004 in Ames, IA  EVENT: Aim For Ames Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 21 years since 5/30/1982 and sponsored by Clancy I, Karen is one of the best known AA speakers.

She is lively with a wild story.

Shortly before this talk an elderly man cropped a 2-liter bottle of pop on her feet at the checkout and broke toes on both feet.

Karen grew up in a good family in Nebraska but her alcoholism took her to a very dark desperation doing everything a women had to do get by.

She became a nurse who lost her license to her disease but got it back in sobriety. In anger after a beating from her husband, she super-glued his hand to his privates while he was passed out.

Karen is passionate about AA and carries a strong message of recovery.

AA taught her a level of love she never her thought possible.

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