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(#176) K. C. C. (Venice, CA)
Feb 1996 in Kansas City, MO  EVENT: Sunflower Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

K. C. believes alcoholics are emotionally wired the same way. The only reason his family was dysfunctional was because he was in it. They were well off and well balanced. He recovered from polio but was unable to walk for a time. He liked having polio at first because of the attention he got. Back at school he was shunned as being somehow contagious. He isolated and began to live in a world of books though he was one of the youngest and fastest track stars in the country for a time.. At 18 he was a weird emotionally unbalanced, ultimate conformist kid. Had his first drink at college and he finally fit in. He was a daily drinker for the next 21 years. Eventually got involved with the Mafia, Black Panthers, Bikers and all sorts on the fringe of society.

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