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(#358) June C (Bixby, OK)
9/25/1999 in Brownwood, TX  EVENT: 39th Lakeside Conference  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

A joyous speaker, well connected to the Al-Anon family. She suffered from a disease called alcoholism and she does not drink. Her children are her qualifiers.

She grew up in the little farm community of Bixby. Her daddy was a prominent and successful farmer in the community. There was no alcoholism or abuse in her family. There was alot of church going. At 17 she got tired of that way of life, got married and moved 10 miles down the road to join a family that was well known for very different reasons. She thought it was wonderful.

She joined the Honky Tonk life, had three babies in eight years and threw away all she had learned. It all fell apart. Daddy took her back and paid her to stay at home and take care of her kids. Then a cute cowboy came into her life.

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