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(#114) Judy P. (Sherrodsville, OH)
7/19-22/2001 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 26th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Presented with passion and excitement. A special event for Judy - she heard her story told for the first time at an Atlanta Roundup 6 years before. AA has no opinion on outside issue but she does - inside ones, too. Controversy is good, it keeps us balanced. Tells the same story pretty much every time. Came from a polish-catholic home. At 5, mom divorced and remarried to an alcoholic in the early stages of the disease. Loved him at first but then things got violent. Physically, emotionally and sexually abused. There were no good times and that is no excuse. Judy came in and got and stayed sober from the very first meeting. Relapse is not a ploy for sympathy. Quit playing games with your disease. Your alcoholic not stupid. Wild woman. Lively.

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