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(#4281) Judy K. (Reno, NV)
5/7/2022 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 23rd Marietta Spring Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

A longtime member of Al-Anon, Judy came first in 11/17/1981 at age 30, married just 11 months, but did not like it and did not stay.

She had read about the meetings in a notice in the newspaper but did not act on it for a long time.

"Part of my problem is indecision and paralysis."

She came back, stealthily in April 1985 wondering if he was having an affair, or was gay because he was not coming home and where was all the money going? She watched out the window alot.

"I have to tell you today that thanks to the Steps, the Traditions, Concepts, Slogans, Sponsorship, Service, and just Participation, I think I am an ordinary person living a very extra-ordinary life."

She also is living proof this can happen with ot without the alcoholic no matter how colorful their lives might be,

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