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(#1825) Judge Louie F (Pubuque, IA)
3/17/1971 in Peoria, IL  EVENT: Unknown  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober probably over 20 years, speaking on St. Patrick's Day, Judge Louis would dismiss all his cases on St. Patrick's Day so he could beat the defendants to the pub.

He had a reputation for being sympathetic to the drunks but there was more to it:

"It's pretty hard to sit up there in the morning and give somebody 30 days for being drunk when you can't remember if you were with them the day before or not."

He says, "I was a periodic drinker. The only time I got drunk is when I started to drink."

This is a slow, delightfully rambling talk, filled with many humorous, sometimes literary, anecdotes and sayings like:

"The trouble with trouble is it starts out looking like fun."

I have found that the funny thing about fun is that it starts out looking like trouble (as did WeJoy in the beginning).

(58 min) (13.3 MB) (id#1825)