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(#456) Joyce F (Cucamonga, CA)
8/4/1990 in North County, CA  EVENT: North County 11th Anniversary Banquet  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Born to Polish immigrants in Winnipeg, MB, she felt less than especially given the local discrimination at the time. She both loved her family and was ashamed of them. She wanted to leave town and came to Los Angeles, CA via by getting a job as a TWA stewardess. Her first memories of drinking were enjoying the effect but it did not become an obsession until she left Winnipeg. She learned how to fake it on the outside to make up for the inadequacies and lack of self-esteem. Her first obsession had been men but to that she added alcohol. When she came into the program she had three kids but was too self-obsessed to be a good mother. She learned how in the rooms of AA>

(58 min) (13.4 MB) (id#456)