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(#2123) Jon S (Pensacola, FL)
Dec 1998 in Panama City, FL  EVENT: Celebration by the Sea  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 9 years since 1/11/1989, Jon worked in bars and restaurants most of his "adult" life.

He did not grow up in an alcoholic home. His father was a pilot who could nurse 3/4 of a drink for a whole night. His mother was a school teacher.

He figures he always felt out of place because he never got his way.

He became a young hoodlum in a reform school. Drinking and drugging took him down fast.

Toward the end, he was pointing a loaded shotgun at his head but did not pull the trigger because he saw an image of his grandmother looking down on him.

When he finally stopped drinking, he quit a nice paying job managing a bar to work for lesser pay doing construction and working on a golf course to protect his sobriety.

He does a wonderful job of covering the steps for over half his talk.

He kept telling everyone he was working on his fourth step until he thought about doing the shotgun again because he broke a shoelace.

Then he got busy with the Steps, the Literature and the Winners.

(58 min) (13.3 MB) (id#2123)