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(#1310) Johnnie H (Long Beach, CA)
2/3/1979 in North Hollywood, CA  EVENT: 4th San Fernando Valley Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 19 years since 11/4/1959, an often requested and well loved and respected speaker, this is the earliest of Johnnie's talks to date in the WeJoy collection and, in my opinion, one of the best.

He grew up in an alcoholic home, swore he would never be like them but also never fit in anywhere.

Once he started drinking, he was quickly in trouble going to juvenile court and eventually prison.

He drank until that did not work. Then he added pills until that did not work. Then he added morphine until that did not work.

AA found him behind prison walls.

His journey was slow but he knows today the difference between those who go out again and those who stay and stay sober. It is indicated in the preamble to the 5th Chapter in the Big Book with the words,

"completely give themselves to this simple program."

(50 min) (11.6 MB) (id#1310)