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(#1587) Johnnie H - Traditions (Long Beach, CA)
2/28/1992 in Monterey, CA  EVENT: GSR Meeting  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Traditions

The 12 Traditions In Sobriety

Sober 32 years since 11/4/1959, Johnnie covers the Traditions with his characteristic passion for the Program.

Johnnie was truly a low bottom drunk and drug user who holds high regard for AA's Singleness of Purpose without shying away from the truth, as best he understands it, about his disease that brought him to AA.

This is one of the earlier recordings in the WeJoy collection on the Traditions.

It was received 2/21/2005 when I had less than a year.

Thus, this recording holds a special place in my heart.

(55 min) (19 MB) (id#1587)