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(#1349) John L (Atlanta, GA)
1/16/1983 in Macon, GA  EVENT: Georgia State Service Assembly (GSSA)  TYPE: AA, Male, Assembly

Area 16 Archives

Delegate's Report - Area 16 - January 1983

John served two consecutive two year terms as Alternate Delegate.

As Committee Member from Metro Zone F, he was elected Alternate Delegate for 1978-79. He stood in 1979 for Delegate for 1980-81 but Joe P of Atlanta was elected Delegate instead without having served as Alternate Delegate first and John was elected Alternate for a 2nd 2 year term.

Finally in 1982 John was elected as Delegate for 1982-83.

This recording is part of the GSSA Archives collection. (C003-71)

(30 min) (14.2 MB) (id#1349)