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(#1551) John F (Atlanta, GA)
9/16/1972 in Macon, GA  EVENT: Georgia State Service Assembly Sat Night Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story


Sober 20 years since 2/23/1952, John was one of the early black members of AA in Atlanta, GA.

The quality of this recording is excellent.

John was humble, articulate and soft spoken.

His second wife, Elizabeth F, came into AA on the same night he did mostly to protect her alcohol supply and make sure he went. She identified with those at the meeting and decided to join AA that night. She has been sober ever since.

She was not one to share her story at the microphone. We do have one 2:48 recording of her sharing how she joined AA. She was around a kitchen table with over a dozen other early members.

Discussion Concerning History of AA in Atlanta 8/19/1979

John was a cook by trade who had 25 years of self-inflicted adversity caused by John Barleycorn.

He did not drink everyday but when he drank he got back in the squirrel cage.

He was to retire from C&S Bank (now defunct) several months after this talk.

"It is not what I have done but what you have done for me."

From Reel RR000-0070-S2-M2 in the GSSA Archives

(50 min) (11.5 MB) (id#1551)