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(#1258) John and Cathy S (Stone Mountain, GA)
7/16-19/2009 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 34th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Both, Story

Sober 2 years since 4/11/2007, Cathy before that date stood at podiums, sponsored women and carried the outward appearance of sobriety but was "loaded". She had no problem living a double standard. It nearly killed her.

She came from an alcoholic home. She was sure there was no God. She blamed her alcoholism on her upbringing but her husband John had a great upbringing and wished he had "something to hang his alcoholism on".

Life was scary for Cathy growing up. Her mother died of alcoholism at age 39 when Cathy was 13.

Cathy started drinking at age 15. She first came to AA when she was 17. She calls herself a real alcoholic and an equal opportunity drug abuser.

John is the funny one. He stayed sober and with Cathy throughout her relapses.

Some older mentors took them through the Traditions as a couple. This gave them a set of tools to handle the ups and downs of relationships.

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