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(#170) John K (Chino Hills, CA)
7/18-21/2002 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: 27th Atlanta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Funny talk, with 45 years, John came into AA at 26 years old - he did not drink for long. His program was "take something you'll feel better". Shopped in others' medicine cabinets.

Came from an Irish Catholic, rambunctious family. Dad could be a real jerk when he drank. John thought he was different as a kid. Started keeping deep, dark secrets at 6 years old that he did not get rid of until he got into AA. Very lonely when he came in. Avid duck hunter. Doing poorly in school, at 16 years old, his brother got him a job as a merchant seaman where he learned to drink.

Learned about hashish in Saudi Arabia. Everyone smoked dope on the ship. Began to live by "take something - you'll feel better". Life got worse. Started going to doctors for help. Got out of jail and asked God for help. Came into AA and got his first good nights sleep in a long time.

Talks long on recovery and service.

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