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(#288) John F (Atlanta, GA)
9/27/1980 in Alabama  EVENT: NW Florida/Alabama Conference  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 42 years since 2/23/1952, John is so grateful that his cup sometimes runneth over in emotions. One of 13 children, he had his first drink at 16, shy, timid and full of frustrations, as a clerk at a grocery store. This started a 25 year downhill journey. Full of fears, not knowing he was afraid or why. Arrested for the first time at 19. He was locked up more times than he can remember including the chain gang. Married at 20. They were to have four children only to divorce. He made his living as one of the best cooks in Atlanta but kept losing jobs for his drinking. Many people tried to help to no avail. His brother was in AA and showed him the Big Book in 1941 but the word Alcoholic turned John off. In the fall of 1951 he heard of AA again and went to a meeting for the first time where he was warmly greeted but he did not admit he was an alcoholic. He stayed sober until1/12/1952 when he decided to drink to prove he was not alcoholic. On2/23/1952 in a bar going to get a haircut with a friend he admitted to another he was alcoholic and made a decision way down deep inside he wanted to get sober more than anything else.

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