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(#594) John C (Hampton, GA)
12/17/2004 in Kennesaw, GA  EVENT: Depot Group Quarterly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

A professional Santa, John recorded this talk on his own cassette recorder. I had never met John and I was four months sober. It was one of my first if not my first speaker meeting. After the meeting I spoke with him and he found out I knew something about computers. He asked if I could convert that cassette and another to CD. I told him I probably could but had never done it. Since that time I have been given thousands of cassettes to convert. So, Santa gave me a present my first Christmas - the gift of service - a way to go from being a user to being useful. John passed away October 2013 near Sharon, PA. Thank you my friend for giving to me the true spirit of Christmas.

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