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(#1515) Joe P (Atlanta, GA)
5/16/1979 in Macon, GA  EVENT: Georgia State Service Assembly (GSSA)  TYPE: AA, Male, Story


Sober 29 years since 3/4/1949, this is the earliest recording of Joe P to date in the collention.

Joe was elected Delegate for Area 16 three months after this talk, serving 1980-1.

He was elected over the standing Alternate Delegate, John L of East Point, which had not happened before in Area 16 in a Delegate election.

That Alternate Delegate became Alternate Delegate for a second two year term, which was also unprecedented.

John L was finally elected Delegate to serve 1982-3.

The quality of this recording is is not the best.

It is included in the collection because of the impression this talk seems to have made among those attending who were later to catapult him into a position of leadership.

Cassette C00-0196 of GSSA Archives

(50 min) (11.6 MB) (id#1515)