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Joe McQ and Charlie P - TST
Total time across all 2 files is 1.5 hours.
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Traditions, Service Structure and Concepts

Joe and Charlie were famous for their Big Book Comes Alive weekend seminars.

This recording was made in Bill W's boyhood home town.

They do a masterful job of explaining the 12 Traditions, the Service Structure - the Delegate Areas, General Service Conference and General Service Board - and the 12 Concepts of World Service that helps hold them all together.


(#1586) Joe McQ - Charlie P TST p2 ( Little Rock, AR and Maysville, AR)
10/20/1990 in East Dorset, VT  EVENT: Big Book Comes Alive Weekend  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Historical

Part 2 - Service Structure and 12 Concepts of World Service

The orgin, purpose and function of the AA Service Structure is covered in elegant simplicity.

The Structure includes - the Delegate Areas, the General Service Conference (GSC) and the Board of Trustees - The General Service Board (GSB).

This is followed by a short but effective overview of the Twelve Concepts of World Service. According to AA Publication SM F-114 Rev. 6/14

"The Twelve Concepts for World Service were written by A.A.'s co-founder Bill W., and were adopted by the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1962."

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