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Joe and Charlie-1986-Pompano Beach FL
Total time across all 9 files is 10.3 hours.
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Joe And Charlie - Big Book Study
Pompano Beach, FL - 5/8-11/1985

Joe P from Little Rock, AR - Sober 24 years since 3/10/1962

Charlie P of Maysville, AR - Sober 16 years since 10/29/1969

Joe and Charlie were an unlikely couple to come out of Arkansas - a black man from Little Rock and a white man from the Ozarks.

They did their first formal Big Book weekend in Lawton, OK in 1977 traveling there with a Hispanic member and gave there talk to a number of recovering Native Americans.

Nine years later, they had refined it to an art.

It was another passionate member from Pompano Beach, FL - Wesley P - who, by mailing tape sets around the world, made Joe and Charlie the most famous pair of drunks since Bill and Dr. Bob.



(#1782) Joe and Charlie - Pompano - 1985 - Part 9 (Little Rock and Maysville, AR)
5/9-12/1985 in Pompano Beach, FL  EVENT: Big Book Comes Alive  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Steps

PART 9 - Into Action - Steps 10 thru 12

(1 hr 3 min) (14.4 MB) (id#1782)