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Joe and Charlie Original Big Book 1977
Total time across all 4 files is 4.2 hours.
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Original Joe And Charlie Big Book Study - 1977

This is a very early recording of an event that became almost a rite of passage for AA members in the 1980's and into the New Millennium.

When the AA community found out I could convert cassettes to CDs, Joe and Charlie was one of the first to get converted.

There was only one Charlie but two Joe M's - a black man from Little rock and a white man from Oklahoma.

They would take turns sharing the side kick role to Charlie who had the longest time in the Program.

NOTE: This set has been digitally remastered to make it easy to understand though the recording was not professionally recorded.



(#2253) Joe and Charlie Original Big Book 1977-2 (Little Rock, AR and Mayesville, AR)
12/16-18/1977 in Lawton, OK  EVENT: Big Book Comes Alive  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop, Historical

Part 2

Continue with the Appendix on the Spiritual Experience through How It Works p. 60

(56 min) (9.8 MB) (id#2253)