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Joe and Charlie - 1995 - The Wilson House
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Wilson House Big Book Study

Classic Joe and Charlie in an historic setting - the building where Bill W was born.

The Lodge was owned by his grandparents who raised him after his parents divorced.

I stayed there on 6/30/2017 and took many pictures of the meeting room where this event took place.

On the rafters are license plates from around the United States either from 1935 or vanity plates with some recovery reference.

Wilson House Meeting Room Rafter License Plates


(#1976) Joe and Charlie - 1995 - The Wilson House-p11 (Little Rock and Maysville, AR)
11/15/1995 in East Dorset, VT  EVENT: Big Book Study  TYPE: AA, Male, Workshop

Step 11 p. 87 thru Step 12 and p. 164 Conclusions - Can I Practice These Principle in ALL My Affairs?

"You can be just as happy as you want to be."

(25 min) (5.9 MB) (id#1976)