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(#1637) Joe B (St. Louis, MO)
3/19/2010 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 20th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Joe was filling in for Sandy B from Tampa.

Joe's mother was part Native American, short, a hard worker but had a fiery temper.

Joe entered the Army at 17 and volunteered to go to Vietnam. It was 1970. By a strange twist he was a lifeguard at a lake for his whole tour. He has had to deal with survivor's guilt in AA.

There he learned to drink and use drugs.

He came back from Vietnam, changed "alot" and told his parents he was going to be a hippy. His mother made that career short lived in a bazaar way. She died shortly after that.

His drinking, often at the VFW got much worse. He thought when I get as bad a "him" I'll quit. He would blackout and become violent.

His mother-in-law used his ego to get him into AA. He went into treatment after a week where his life became unraveled.

Joe says AA is a giant-killer. No matter how big the problem, we know how to get them down to size.

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