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(#108) Joanne S. (Dunwoody, GA)
4/3/1993 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 3rd Marietta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

Fourth talk ever. Learned how to turn life of tears into a life of joy and happiness. Born before WWII. Christian. Atlanta native. Dysfunctional family. No drinking at home but alcoholism on both sides. Raised in a small town south of Atlanta. Mom qualified for Al-anon. Even though Joanne's dad never drank, her mom lived in fear he would and regularly would go fetch him. Mom abusive by today's standard. Under stress in school she diagnosed as hopeless and though Protestant was sent to Catholic School. Was treated well and was convinced she needed to become Catholic. Went to public high school. Sister eloped which ruined dating for Joanne. Got a gift whenever mom through a fit but would hold it over her. Met a Catholic boy who could stand up to her mother. Got married against mom's wishes. Her husband drank from the beginning. Started having children. Husband promoted to job in Miami - three years of solitary confinement with babies coming every two years. Found a priest to approve birth control. Got as car, baby sitter and job. Alcohol becoming a problem. Moved to Dallas, took over the checkbook and he started closet drinking. Smooth sailing for two years. Started having problems getting up. Husband got reported to the company by a client. He sent her to find out about AA. They suggested she go to Al-anon. For first time in her life she identified. He read about detachment and hated Al-anon from that point. Found her purpose in life. Turned her life over to God. Found all the scriptures about drunks. But that was not the end of the story...


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