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(#2084) Joan McA (St. Albans, WV)
6/17/2005 in Hagerstown, MD  EVENT: 35th Annual Maryland State Convention  TYPE: AA, Female, Story

Sober 40 years since 9/14/1964, Joan is married to AA member Bob McA - happily for 38 years out of 50. They just celebrated 50 in May 2005.

Delightful Story. Joan also was the 3rd member to speak on a Panel at the 2010 International:

AAI10-Sobriety is Progressive Too

Her husband Bob did a great brief explanation of the 12 Conepts of AA I have always admired:

Bob McA of WV - 12 Concepts

(1 hr 3 min) (14.5 MB) (id#2084)