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(#106) Jo Anne McL (Memphis, TN)
5/2/1998 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 8th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: Al-Anon, Female, Story

In the program 25 years. Calls herself an Al-anon because she attends her home group meeting on a regular basis and practices the principles daily. Her husband is an admitted alcoholic but that is not what makes her an Al-anon. Childhood not different except started dancing at age 4. Became a dance instructor. Not a family of drinkers. Native Memphian. Liked older boys but not studying. Met George #1 at 15. He was 23. Got secretly married at 16. Hell broke loose when family found out. Divorced him after 6 months. Met George #2 after High School, dated for years until found him cheating. Hurt badly, decided to never get close to another man. George #2 married another. Met her current husband, Milton, a fireman, while working as a waitress at George #2's drive-in. Dated and drank with Milton for six months then got married. Three days married, he went out for a beer and came back three days later. Went on for years. In 1973 Milton called AA and two men came with a Big Book. They went to their first speaker meeting. Sure it was a cult with corny sayings on the wall but it was their last resort. Told it was her wifely duty to go to Al-anon. Came in talking and learned to listen. Found out she was sicker than he was. Milton's sponsor's wife became Jo Anne's sponsor.

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