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(#1221) Jimmy E (Smyrna, GA)
6/30/2001 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: HOW Place Saturday Night  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

"Sobriety to me is not drinking a day at a time in absence of inner turmoil."

Sober 27 years, Jimmy is speaking in the clubhouse where his home group meets.

He starts off talking about what it was like at his first AA meeting in Syracuse, NY.

He spends a great deal of the talk explaining why he opens every talk with the phrase,

"My name is Jimmy and I am Powerless over Alcohol and I am extremely Grateful to be here."

"Just passing on what we have learned in these rooms is so gratifying and so spiritual..."

He points out we don't pay back in the Program but rather Pass It On.

He had been diagnosed with colon cancer the previous December, had been going through chemotherapy and three major operations.

At the time of this talk he is clear of cancer but it was to resurface and overtake him in 2003 - positive thinking to the end.

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