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(#1729) Jimmy E (Smyrna, GA)
1988 in Lithia Springs, GA  EVENT: West Atlanta Group  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 14 years since February 1974, Jimmy is one of my mentors though I never met him. I have known several members sponsored by him.

"You can't keep it unless you pass it on."

Not doing that would be like getting a tall glass of cold spring water, leaving on the table - eventually it will grow stagnant.

He tried to get to a meeting every day.

"The only true Joy comes from the inside."

"The greatest thing we can have in this life is the 'me' that's inside us and this Program teaches us how to release that."

He grew up in Syracuse, NY, he became a golden glove boxer before he took his first drink but that led him to organized crime and a sentence of 40 years.

In the Attica prison during the infamous riot, he later got released, drank a little more and then found a new way of life in AA.

He died 29 years sober of cancer in 2003.

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