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(#1220) Jimmy E (Smyrna, GA)
1/25/2001 in Cedartown, GA  EVENT: RTU Cedartown GA  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Jimmy starts this talk explaining why he is walking with a cane and carrying a bag - he was diagnosed with colon cancer in December 2000 and is going through chemo.

He says he is driving himself to chemo though a friend, Claude, drove him to this talk.

He handled his illness the way he handled any other situation in his life - with a Trouble Free Mind.

He wrote a little book "How to Live With A Trouble Free Mind".

On the first page in italics he says:

"The most hurting and frustrating times of my life were those times when my own thoughrs were my own worst enemies. I now begin each new day in joyous celebration because when I changed my thinking, I changed my entire life."

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