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(#133) Jimmy D. (Dallas, TX)
5/3 - 5/5/1997 in Marietta, GA  EVENT: 7th Marietta Roundup  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober since 6/10/1982. Sponsored himself for the 1st 90 days and he and his sponsor wound up naked and drunk in North Carolina.

The only thing we have is our stories. At 40 never was able to tell the truth about himself.

Growing up with a two ton elephant in the house as well as baboons and giraffes. Comes from a long line of dysfunction, madness and chaos. Second of 10 kids and none of the daddies hung around. Grew up in the projects. Changed into something different to everyone he ran into.

Remembers the ugly poverty of childhood. First love lasted 2 years and when it was over the pain was so bad, he swore he would always have a backup. Never new intimacy until got into AA. His wife was mysteriously murdered while he was in prison.

By 1982 he was driving a beat up '71 Maverick with his belongings in two plastic bags. We are survivors. Some will make the supreme sacrifices rather than change. Lost two brothers to the disease. Jimmy was four times in prison - locked up 12 years.

In a field in Dallas he started running, fell down, broke down in tears and started asking God "Where have you been in my life?" Resulted in a deep and effective spiritual experience. Spends a longf time talking about the challenges and rewards of sobriety.

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