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Jim W - Steps 1982
Total time across all 4 files is 4.1 hours.
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Sober 14 years since August 1967, this is like no other Step Study on WeJoy.

Jim covers the Steps across four weeks with his wild, round-about thinking and many varied experiences.

He is truly one of the great communicators in AA.

(#1949) Jim W - Steps 1982 1 (Aledo, TX)
1982 in Dallas, TX  EVENT: Step Workshop  TYPE: AA, Male, Steps

SESSION 1: Steps 1-2 (sort of)

His sponsor told him,

"There are two things you are going to remember for the rest of your days: no matter what's going on in your life, you do not understand; then you'll have understanding. Then when you quit trying to understand you'll enjoy it.

And the other thing is that, no matter what your situation is, it is never them, it's never God, it's never the situation, it's you that must become different. You must become more different than you have ever been before."

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