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(#1798) Jim T (Marietta, GA)
6/3/2017 in Smyrna, GA  EVENT: REBOS Saturday Night  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 37 years since 4/4/1980, now 85 years young, I have known Jim for a number of years from his service carrying meetings every week into the local work release center.

Born dirt poor in 1931 in the mill town of Griffin, GA, Jim's father was a weekend drunk who eventually left Jim's mother. She had to support his three older sisters and Jim.

Jim was always active in sports even doing marathons until fairly recently when his knees gave out.

He was drafted for the Korean War but his eyes prevented him from pilot training. He did fly often though as an electronics expert. Drinking was not a part of his life until after the service. He got into computers in the 1950's and did well for himself.

He was married eleven years with a woman who truly loved him, had all the material things, but he chose alcohol over her and their two children in a dramatic scene he relates well in this story.

With 13 DUIs, he took a bus to an AA meeting, under pressure from his employer where he was given a white chip without asking for it.

He had two beers before getting back on the bus but on the way home he felt the chip in his pocket and decided to try AA for 90 days and then go back to drinking more carefully.

He has not had a drink since but he has travelled the world and been to all 50 states - sober.

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