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(#1688) Jim S (Los Angeles, CA)
2/18/1994 in Ft. Mitchell, KY  EVENT: 43rd Kentucky State Convention  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 27 years since 6/27/1966, married to Al-Anon speaker Vannoy S., sponsored by Clancy I., Jim called AA having just got out of Los Angeles jail three weeks before incarcerated for stealing.

He was desperate, lonely, embarrassed with 25 cents in his pocket but still managed to get a job.

He quit for 65 days then said to hell with it and went to his favorite watering hole.

He drank for several weeks until he wound up on a seventh floor ledge contemplating suicide and not afraid but not wanting to hurt the two children he had abandoned back in Oklahoma.

(58 min) (13.3 MB) (id#1688)