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(#1675) Jim S (Norman, OK)
12/14/1986 in Black Mountain, NC  EVENT: Blue Ridge Retreat  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Sober 20 years since 6/27/1966, his dad was from Dothan, AL and many of the other family members were from Georgia. Jim has been in Oklahoma a long time.

Jim was a Delegate to the GSO in 1975-76.

His parents were alcoholic. He joined the merchant marines at age 14.

He got married and divorced often with lots of mother-in-law problems.

He abandoned two kids in Oklahoma and move to Las Angeles. He brought them back to L.A. to get them away from their alcoholic mother.

In the end, he tried to get drunk but could not. Got on a ledge to commit suicide but could not do that to his kids back in Oklahoma.

He was facing felony theft by taking charges and knew he had to change.

He called AA.

How he got Clancy I. as a sponsor is interesting. He shares what it was like to take directions from Clancy including putting his kids in a foster home until he could take care of them sober.

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