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(#1146) Jim M (Woodstock, GA)
6/4/2016 in Woodstock, GA  EVENT: Breakfast Club Monthly Speaker  TYPE: AA, Male, Story, Historical

Sober 51 years since 12/14/1964, Jim left the program for a time because, after 15 years, he was asked to give up his mop to a newcomer.

He reads a short piece he has kept for many years I entitle: "Spirituality has to do with seeing things in a new way" View it as a PDF

Jim met Bill W. in 1966 and got his autograph. View Bill's autograph here.

He also had an interesting picture of Nell Wing, AA's 1st a Archivist and Bill W's secretary from 1951 (or so) til his death in 1971. View Nell Wing's Picture

Most interesting to me was a photograph, shown here, of a medallion given to Bill W by Ebby T in 1955. Full Size

Medallion given to Bill W by Ebby T.

(49 min) (11.3 MB) (id#1146)