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(#329) Jim H (Cheyenne, WY)
3/22/1986 in Omaha, NE  EVENT: Unknown  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Jim grew up in the Omaha area. He got thrown out of the Navy for drinking on his first ship. He came back to his hometown, took the Air Force recruiter out for drinks and was enlisted in the Air Force the next day. He later went to medical school and his wife had him swear off alcohol in writing. He quit until his last year of residency. His wife thought that since he had not had a drink in five years it would be OK to have a glass of wine. Within three weeks he was back in full swing. He setup practice in an oil town in Wyoming. He worked long hours and got free drinks after work. Got bad, so he moved to Cheyenne. The rest of the story you get to hear for yourself...

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