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(#693) Jim D (Kennesaw, GA)
11/5/2006 in Atlanta, GA  EVENT: NABA Oldtimers Meeting  TYPE: AA, Male, Story

Jim was just over 46 years sober since 9/3/1960 at the time of this talk. I drove him to the event. I was sitting with Jim and Bill R. of Lawrenceville, GA with just under 54 years. They were comparing notes and figured out that together they were right at 100 years to the day of sobriety between them. It struck me at that moment and I commented that we all had the same amount of sobriety which was right here right now. They both smiled with big grins and agreed wholeheartedly.

Jim was a mentor and friend who died in September 2014 with 54 years sober. I took his 54 year medallion to him where he was living in Florida. He knew he was close to death. We laughed and cried tears of joy for a life well live.

This CD was part of Bill R's collection. A friend of mine went to a table where Bill's collection of CDs were being given away and picked three at random to bring to me. He did not know my connection with Jim or that I did not have a copy of this talk.

Jim always looked for little God shots like that every day. Thank you Jim for your gentle example through the years.

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